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"I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. I was able to download the API docs last week and I was able to replicate Interactive Brokers historical bar queries and realtime bar queries over the weekend. That was about one of the fastest integrations that I've ever done and it works perfectly!!!!" - Comment from Jason via Email
"Boy, probably spent a thousand hours trying to get ******* API to work right. And now two hours to have something running with IQFeed. Hmmm, guess I was pretty stupid to fight rather than switch all this time. And have gotten more customer service from you guys already than total from them… in five years." - Comment from Jim
"The people at Nirvana have very nice things to say about your company and I can see why! Price and service is a potent combination." - Comment from Ed
"Thank you so much - awesome feed, awesome service!" - Comment from Greg via Email
"I was on the phone with a friend who uses CQG and right after the Fed announcement, CQG was as much as 30 seconds behind DTN.IQ. Some quotes were off by as much as 15-18 cents. Your feed never missed a beat." - Comment from Roger
"I would just like to say that IQFeed version 4 is running very well and I am very happy with its performance. I would also like to extend a big thanks for the fast and efficient help that I always receive. My questions and concerns are always addressed promptly. Way to go!" - Comment from Josh in CO.
"And by the way, have to say this. I love the IQFeed software. It's rock solid and it has a really nice API." - Comment from Thomas via RT Chat
"After all the anxiety I had with my previous data provider it is a relief not to have to worry about data speed and integrity." - Comment from Eamonn
"If you are serious about your trading I would not rely on IB data for serious daytrading. Took me a while to justify the cost of IQ Feed and in the end, it's just a 2 point stop on ES. Better safe than sorry" - Comment from Public Forum
"Its working FABULOUSLY for me!! Holy cow...there has been so much I've been missing lately, and with this feed and Linnsoft software...I'm in the game now." - Comment from Chris R.
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Moderators: DTN_Gary_Stephen, DTN_Steve_S
Real time data using HDX command for Historical Data via TCP/IP wojtazz9 1 87 Yesterday @ 09:07 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Failure under recent version of Wine taa_dtn 4 289 Jan 10, 2021 04:57 PM
by taa_dtn
OPRA Market Summary Bid/Ask manish 0 102 Jan 3, 2021 07:22 PM
by manish
Questions about api dd 4 1364 Dec 28, 2020 10:09 AM
by altmany
Too many simultaneous history requests Zeruel 13 545 Dec 28, 2020 09:55 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
5MS 5-min market summary somebody 1 129 Dec 21, 2020 09:21 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
missing split event? carter888 6 166 Dec 21, 2020 08:30 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
COM Interface documentation broken? AndrewAMD 3 214 Dec 15, 2020 01:48 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Trade Aggressor: wrong data Docent 2 162 Dec 15, 2020 09:03 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Most recent API Docs tccharleton 1 162 Dec 14, 2020 04:49 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Only TRADES for "HIT" historical data requests? bbmat 9 1437 Nov 24, 2020 04:59 PM
by rob2
Level 1 data and Reset Book message XoCe 2 253 Nov 24, 2020 03:17 AM
by XoCe
Questions on end-of-day data (EDS, HDT) jayqwi 1 248 Nov 23, 2020 04:22 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Historical daily data: same symbol, different companies emil_kzk 1 231 Nov 23, 2020 03:07 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
how can I get year of historical data with 500 ticks buglab 7 367 Nov 11, 2020 09:26 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
RTH market open/close carter888 1 277 Nov 3, 2020 08:31 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
get historical stock split & dividend carter888 2 317 Nov 2, 2020 04:18 PM
by carter888
Get consistent historical daily data 913alerts 3 605 Sep 28, 2020 02:25 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Can I get the most recent quote for a symbol, not streaming data? andrewm 11 720 Sep 9, 2020 09:31 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Is there a way to limit SBF lookup responses? MV_opt 2 447 Sep 8, 2020 07:50 PM
by MV_opt
Complete Errors List? dupek 2 587 Aug 31, 2020 03:19 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Can you force all API connections to PROTOCOL 6.1 by default? andrewm 1 572 Aug 31, 2020 09:19 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
How well does IQ Feed work on Wine? andrewm 1 600 Aug 28, 2020 02:04 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
have to be root when install iqfeed client using wine? mqx 2 633 Aug 27, 2020 01:32 PM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Error processing news story counts from server Craig 5 627 Aug 25, 2020 02:04 PM
by Craig
KB Queued in Admin Status Message MV_opt 6 691 Aug 25, 2020 06:14 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Connection error when using IQFeed in Linux Wine phaser 3 2800 Aug 24, 2020 07:14 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
IQFeed.CSharpApiClient has now support for Python mathpaquette 3 1080 Aug 17, 2020 01:45 PM
by buglab
Log File Issues and One Drive MV_opt 1 683 Aug 17, 2020 08:17 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
Fundamental Data field order Roberts 4 721 Aug 17, 2020 08:07 AM
by DTN_Gary_Stephen
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