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thanks, I will look into those.

bump- nobody doing discretionary trading / strategy development around here?

hi, I have subscribed to IQfeed and am currently using Medved Quotetracker. I am finding that Quotetracker is OK, but not great -- too many limitations. I.E, you have to have a chart window open for its "paintbar alerts" (another word for programmed strategies) to fire. This wastes a lot of CPU and screen real estate.

I am looking for a program that has the following characteristics:

  • lets me enter in a list of 20-30 stocks that I want to watch for signals

  • watch these stocks tick by tick and fire alerts based on the rules that I set up

  • have a reasonably well-developed programming language to allow for fairly complex strategies-- i.e, symbol X compared to symbol Y, comparing the same stock over various timeframes (e.g 1,3,5,30 minutes), etc etc.

  • reasonably priced (i.e, purchase outright or pay ~$30-70 month

I haven't been able to find much of anything that meets these. Closest thing I can find is but that is a little pricey and seems to be more of a black-box type thing where you can select from predefined strategies that they have developed and then fire alerts on the symbols you choose-- which isn't exactly what I'm after.

any ideas? cheers

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