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"Thank you so much - awesome feed, awesome service!" - Comment from Greg via Email
"I would just like to say that IQFeed version 4 is running very well and I am very happy with its performance. I would also like to extend a big thanks for the fast and efficient help that I always receive. My questions and concerns are always addressed promptly. Way to go!" - Comment from Josh in CO.
"For anyone considering using DTN.IQ for a data feed, my experience with the quality of data and the tech support has been very positive." - Comment from Public Forum
"You are either overstaffed or people just don't have problems with your feed because customer support always answers the phone quickly." - Comment from Jay via Email
"Just a quick one to say I'm very impressed so far :) The documentation for developers is excellent and I've quickly managed to get an app written to do historical downloads. The system is very robust and pretty quick considering the extent of data that's available. The support guys have been very helpful too, in combination with the forums it's been plain sailing so far!" - Comment from Adam
"IQ feed is brilliant. The support is mind-bending. What service!" - Comment from Public Forum Post
"I've been using IQFeed 4 in a multi-threaded situation for the last week or two on 2600 symbols or so with 100 simultaneous daily charts, and I have had 100% responsiveness." - Comment from Scott
"If you are serious about your trading I would not rely on IB data for serious daytrading. Took me a while to justify the cost of IQ Feed and in the end, it's just a 2 point stop on ES. Better safe than sorry" - Comment from Public Forum
"You have an excellent feed. Very few spikes for Spot Forex." - Comment from Public Forum Post
"I've never had DTN go out on me since switching. ******* would go down a couple times every month when I was using them." - Comment from Bryce in AL.
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IQFeed Developer Support » Not Connected problems after the new year Jan 7, 2013 11:38 AM (Total replies: 2)


I'll have to update the ticket tomorrow as I cannot reproduce it until the next morning.



IQFeed Developer Support » Not Connected problems after the new year Jan 7, 2013 08:14 AM (Total replies: 2)

I've been running fine for the past year or so with no problems what-so-ever, but after the new year, I must reboot my server every morning in order to properly connect to IQFeed. My application is written in Java and I use IQFeed on a Windows Server 2008 running 68 bit.

One (possibly important) point is that my application connects to IQFeed in the morning and typically disconnects in the evening around 9:00PM. However, the iqconnect.exe will sometimes stay up all night (not always, but sometimes).

Anyway, the technique the I use to connect is as follows (with autologin information provided in the IQFeed dialog box):

Runtime.getRuntime().exec ("iqconnect.exe -product PRODUCT_NAME -version 1.0");
Thread.sleep (5000);

Socket sockAdmin = new Socket(InetAddress.getByName("localhost"), 9300);
BufferedReader bufreadAdmin = new BufferedReader (new
InputStreamReader (sockAdmin.getInputStream()));
BufferedWriter bufwriteAdmin = new BufferedWriter (new
OutputStreamWriter (sockAdmin.getOutputStream()));
String strAdminLine = "";
// loop while we are still connected to the admin port or until we are connected
while (((strAdminLine = bufreadAdmin.readLine()) != null) && !bConnected)
System.out.println (strAdminLine);
if (strAdminLine.indexOf (",Connected,") > -1)
System.out.println ("IQConnect is connected to the server.");
bConnected = true;
else if (strAdminLine.indexOf (",Not Connected,") > -1)
System.out.println ("IQConnect is Not Connected.\r\nSending connect command.");
bufwriteAdmin.write ("S,CONNECT\r\n");
bufwriteAdmin.flush ();

// cleanup admin port connection
iqFeedStarted = true;




IQFeed Developer Support » Connection reset problem Jan 7, 2010 11:02 AM (Total replies: 2)

Thanks Steve. I'll give that a try.....


IQFeed Developer Support » Connection reset problem Jan 6, 2010 03:50 PM (Total replies: 2)

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I just wanted to make sure. I have an automated trading system (written in Java) that connects to IQFeed as follows:

RegisterClientApp("XXXXXXX", "1.0", "0.11111111");

All is well and good and my ATS runs just fine. The problem is that my ATS doesn't shut itself down until 4:30 PM. However, at 4:05, I have another application that starts up and collects tick data for the current day. This application uses the exact same RegisterClientApp () call.

The problem happens when my ATS shuts down. Basically, when my ATS shuts down, my running data collector application gets a connection reset error on the open socket to IQFeed. I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong? Should I be calling RegisterClientApp with a different 3rd parameter or is this just the way it works and I'm doing things incorrectly and perhaps I shouldn't be trying to have two different processes connecting to IQFeed at the same time (from the same machine)?

Any thoughts out there?


IQFeed Developer Support » Understanding IQFeed's Level II data Dec 1, 2009 08:58 AM (Total replies: 2)

OK. Thanks.....

IQFeed Developer Support » Understanding IQFeed's Level II data Dec 1, 2009 08:33 AM (Total replies: 2)

I'm new to streaming level II data and I wanted to make sure I'm understanding things correctly. When I watch Level II data on a NASDAQ stock (say RIMM), I see that there are a bunch of market makers offering quotes. So, this morning, I was playing around and I decided to bid for RIMM (below the current best bid) and low and behold, I saw an Update come through on my Level II feed. The update was marked as MMID-NSDQ (which made sense). Then, I added another limit order below my current one and I didn't not see this update. So, what I'm gathering is that IQFeed only sends me the BEST Level II quote for each market maker, not their whole depth? Doesn't that kind-a defeat the purpose?

Is this an IQFeed disadvantage or am I misunderstanding how Level II feeds work?


Jason Sapp

IQFeed Developer Wish List » Nasdaq Total View Nov 24, 2009 09:44 AM (Total replies: 7)

I would be interested in seeing in added.


IQFeed Developer Support » Building Bars from Tick Data Nov 6, 2009 06:53 AM (Total replies: 1)

I'm new to IQFeed and am developing in Java. My short term goal with IQFeed is to implement 5 second OHLC bars (with VWAP for each 5 second bar). So, to do this, it looks like I must request tick data and build the bars myself. I was able to do all of this last night with historical data. So, kudos to you guys for making such an easy to use API. I'm very pleased.
The question I have is how to build my 5 second bars in real time. So, in a perfect world, this is fairly straightforward. Just sit and watch tick data and build my 5 second bars. But, my question is, when do I know that a bar is finished? In other words, on some more illiquid issues, I may not even receive tick data every 5 seconds. So, how to I know when to disseminate a new 5 second bar? My 2nd question has to do with lag. When (for whatever reason), my data feed is lagging, how do I handle that situation? The reason I ask this second question is because I was contemplating issuing a "T<CR><LF>" command every second and when the time changes to the next 5 second interval, I would spit out my previous 5 second bar. But that's problematic if there is lag in receiving tick data.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Jason Sapp

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