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Never mind. I solved it.
The problem was using 2.0x DLL's with a new 4.0 installation. Putting my .exe file into the new
C:\Program Files\DTN\IQFeed\ directory fixed the problem.

I'm porting a IQConnect 2.0x application to 4.0.

What's wrong when I start up my application and get the following message box:


contents: "Create StartUpMutex failed"

This is from an application that has worked successfully under 2.0x
Now get this from version 4.0

A customer reported and I have confirmed that requests for minute data shortly after midnight EST fail to return the data for the most recent day during a small window of time shortly after midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

I am using your: IHistoryLookup::RequestMinuteHistory("MSFT",7,5); call
IQ Connect Version Mercury Version 2.47.1

On Friday Night... Saturday morning
It was OK shortly (a minute or two) after Friday's midnight EST.
It was confirmed broken at 12:10am by me. i.e. The last day returned was thursday not friday.
Not just one request by at least 10 different symbols's charts came back without Fridays data.

It was OK again at 12:30am when I tried it again.

It's only 9:00pm PST in California, when it happens and
our customers are justifibly upset that that can't see "today's data" shortly after 9:00pm Pacific Time.

I hope we don't have to explain to our customers that they can't use our program during certain times and we can't fix it.

IQFeed Developer Support » Level II via TCP/IP Questions Jul 2, 2004 12:28 PM (Total replies: 1)

I'd like to verify the following assumptions about your Level II data feed.


1) A zero BID price means that ALL Level II BID entries for the Market Maker should be deleted.

2) A zero ASK price means that ALL Level II ASK entries for the Market Maker should be deleted.

3) A zero BID SIZE means that the Level II entry for this Market Maker at the BID price should be removed.

4) A zero ASK SIZE means that the Level II entry for this Market Maker at the ASK price should be removed.

IQFeed Developer Support » Level II via TCP Questions Jun 22, 2004 07:26 AM (Total replies: 2)

According to the Level II TCP/IP documentation after the date field and time fields are:
Reason Code, Condition Code, Source ID

Here are some sample Level II TCP/IP data lines:

It looks to me like the codes following the date field are numbers.
The link you provided to obtain the definitions of the reason and condition codes
show Letters not Numbers for the Codes.

Am I missing something?

Also, I didn't see any Source ID definitions in the link.

IQFeed Developer Support » Level II via TCP Questions Jun 17, 2004 04:40 PM (Total replies: 2)

I tried to follow your instructions on how to get the Nasdaq code definitions by clicking on the link you supplied.

"Note: Please use the information from to decode the Reason and Condition codes."

1. The link is incorrect and points to "" which is clearly not correct.

I looked at for quite a while and could not find the code definitions.

1. Can you supply the Reason Code definitions?
2. Can you supply the Condition Code definitions?
3. Can you explain what the Source ID's is?

Or supply the exact links.


When two different applications are connected to IQConnect.exe it is impossible to know how many symbols are being advised. It would help to be able to "ask" how many symbols are currently being advised, so that each application can show the correct number.

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