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Yup, I was aware of that. Have several alternatives for what I need and will be scoping them out over the next few weeks.


Thanks, that's the list.

Now, what about retrieving last month's HLOC info? No parms in the list, so am I outa luck or what? Doesn't appear to be a way to specify timeframe.

Hi - I currently use the IQFeed/Excel interface to stuff a spreadsheet. Works quite well.

A cell might have something like the following in it, which will display the last trading price for MSFT:


Two questions, tho:

* Pls point me to the list of available parms to use with this; can't find it. This used to be on the website somewhere, but it's been several years since I last saw it(I think). Or, maybe it was buried in some doc on using this interface.

* I'm specifically interested in getting the previous day/week/month's High, Low, Open, Close values, so I can run 'em through some formulas. Any way to get this from the iQFeed interface, or do I -have- to use a 3rd party product like QCollector? I have a license for QC and know I can get this info there, but would rather not add an extra layer of software to the process, just to get some basic info.

ProphetX Support » How 'bout changing the timeout value for ProphetX ? Feb 28, 2015 10:17 AM (Total replies: 3)

Will do. May be a while, tho, as I never know when this'll pop up again, and it'll have to be at a time where I can spare a few minutes to gather the info you requested.

ProphetX Support » How 'bout changing the timeout value for ProphetX ? Feb 24, 2015 11:42 AM (Total replies: 3)

Oh, and btw, if you all would be willing to do a one-on-one, if you'd show me where to patch the current PhX code I'm running to jack up the value, that'd work fine for now

ProphetX Support » How 'bout changing the timeout value for ProphetX ? Feb 24, 2015 11:41 AM (Total replies: 3)

Hi - I occasionally have burps in my internet feed, where the connection is lost for a short time.

The other software I use has long enough timeout values to where it's pretty much unaffected; when the feed resumes, those apps update and move right along.

PhX, however, apparently has a really short timeout value and it blows up and sometimes restarts and sometimes just goes bye-bye, requiring a full restart of PhX.

So, how about either upping the time out period for PhX or, better yet, letting the user set the value?

Hi - Thought I'd throw in a suggestion for a future release on charting:

* Allow for some margin space on the right side of a chart, so that price bars aren't always bumping up against the price axis. Some charting programs call this expansion space, some call it margin, etc.

* As it is now, whenever I bring up PhX, I have to manually move the chart to the left to get some extra margin/padding/breathing room on the right.


Actually, I have two questions:

* My PhX charts are setup with hidden legend bar at bottom, which is the way I want 'em.
I've forgotten how to turn this on/off, so could you clue me in? Wanna do this on a temp chart, but leave my production charts unchanged.

* Real question here has to do with intraday charts from longer times ago. Say, 2 minute
data from three years manually scroll back or drag via pan mode takes forever,
as PhX has to request data every page or two. I tried this a year or two ago and PhX
finally bogged down and stopped...

Any way to get farther back historical intraday data in an easier fashion??

DTN.IQ Client Software Support » Jay Froscheiser, contact info? Jun 4, 2014 03:30 PM (Total replies: 1)

Jay, how do I contact you? I don't see any way to pm or email you on this board.

ProphetX Support » Title Bar on new PhX release is way to narrow. May 16, 2014 11:48 AM (Total replies: 0)

Hi - I just installed the latest/greatest PhX version, and altho it seems to be working well,
the title bars on individual charts are very narrow; much more so than on previous releases.

I'm running Win7Pro on a multi-monitor setup, using monitor resolutions of 1920x1200(WUXGA).

I'm familiar with changing Title Bar width via Windows, but don't know how to do so on PhX, so could you clue me in on this? Or, if there's no way to change this via PhX, do you have any ideas on how to proceed?

My Win7 bars are unchanged; just the PhX stuff, after I upgraded...

Is this something you all could/should test on your end???

Hey, pleasant surprise(!) My Excel options chain picked up the new 'weekly' opts on the 5/17 monthly list, so apparently, things are working correctly.

Dunno if'n you all did anything or not, but for now, I'm good...

If I'm figuring correctly, TODAY, 5/8, is the release date for the $xx2.50/xx7.50 strike options for this weekly cycle, involving the opts that expire on Sat., 5/17(the monthlies). So, could you check a few stocks, such as APPL and IBM to see if you encounter the DDE/Excel problem listed above?

You'll need to have an Excel spreadsheet open before the market cranks up, to see what's going on as to why an Excel options chain won't refresh with the newly issued opts.

Data and Content Support » How do I start? Apr 16, 2014 07:21 PM (Total replies: 2)

If by chance you also have the DTNIQ interface app from Telvent that gets it's data feed from IQFeed, you can use a Time & Sales window to do what you want. Bring up a Time & Sales window, configure it to gather minute data back as far as you want(for me, stock data goes back into 2007), then click on the small diskette icon, at which point you'll be prompted where to save and which format. Specify comma delmited for .CSV and you'll be all set.

You have to do this manually, or perhaps you could write a Windows macro to do this for you, if you have a repetitive task to accomplish.

Hi - found a bug I hadn't noticed before, probably cuz it only shows up one day per month(!?!):

* I use the IQFeed DDE interface w/Excel to throw up a pruned back options chain during the market day. (I use the DTNIQ Options Chain window for research after hours).

* This past Thur, 4/10, I noticed that some previously blank Excel lines listing some new weekly opts didn't update/refresh...

* Left DDE connected, but killed the Excel window and restarted it.

* Nogo; the new opts still didn't register/display.

* Brought up DTNIQ Options Chain window and there they were...

* Btw, I also have a DDE/Excel smaller window running that shows some basic watch list stuff. I left that one running the entire time.

More and more stocks are transitioning to adding weeklies, along with smaller strike increments, using a $2.50 increment now instead of the older $5.00 increment. For example, AAPL: 540.00, 542.50, 545.00, 547.50, etc. IBM: 200.00, 202.50, 205.00, 207.50, etc.

* Now, with the normal weeklies, ALL of the strikes show up when a new series is created, which is what I'd expect.

* This bug I encountered was with existing monthly opts(in this case, the April monthlies that will expire this next week). These monthly opts have been around for quite a while, but on Thursday, the $xx2.50/xx7.50 strikes were added, which makes them effectively weekly options, during the final week of the monthly cycle. As mentioned above, DDE/Excel didn't pick up these additional $xx2.50/xx7.50 strikes, while the DTNIQ Options Chain did.

So, is this something you all could make note of and try with the May monthly opts? Since the May monthlies expire on Saturday, 5/17, the weekly $xx2.50/xx7.50 strikes should first be available on Thur, 5/8. You'd need to have a DDE/Excel window up the day before to test, then see what happens the next day on Thur, 5/8 at market open.

I'm running IQFeed, which is a beta version you all cobbled together for me last December, to fix a T&S Windows issue I was having.

If there's some way or need to restart the DDE interface, lemme know if there's a way to do this without killing IQFEED and DTNIQ, which I need to have running all day long. These new opts may not show until the market opens, which would get in the way of disturbing the IQFeed/DTNIQ stuff I also have running.


ALL fixed now and working just fine...title bars work even better than before in the old release I was using.

See post in other section:

Oops, got my DTNIQ people mixed up - LOREN is the person who sent me the beta code...hope neither of you is insulted by my mixup

Ok - status time:

* After getting the beta code from Curtis, I tested it over the weekend and Mon/Tue at/after market open and it all works great(!)

* My faith in the DTNIQ Development folks is now restored and I'm on my way.

* Minute/Tick windows work just fine and the T&S Title Bar issue mentioned in the Wishlist section is fixed, too. Actually works better now than in the old release I was using earlier.

So, life is good...

You all can take off for the Holidays now

Yup; got it. I worked 25+ years in 'puter tech support in some extremely large computer complexes, and even though I wasn't an Application Programmer, I do know how all of this works and fits together. And I also know that going into the holidays is not a great time for this to hit, but the timing just worked out that way.

Oh, one other thing - I'm aware that backing out an upgrade wouldn't take that much time.
I've been using DTNIQ for at least 15 years and have been through release changes many times.
However, it'll take me at least an hour or two to sort out my code again, and even more importantly, re-installing does not get me back to the same Windows setup I previously had. DTNIQ used the Windows Registry and my past experience with mixing DTNIQ and the Registry has not been too good. Enough so that I would rather not go back and forth several times to 'get it right'.

So, even though refreshing the T&S minute windows is a real pain, I thought I might grind it out this week and see where things stand, going into the weekend.

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