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Author Topic: SymbolDownload - not downloading multiple exchanges (2 messages, Page 1 of 1)

-Interested User-
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Joined: Sep 6, 2016

Posted: Oct 27, 2016 08:34 AM          Msg. 1 of 2

I am using the SymbolDownload in the IQFeed API to grab the symbols for the ICE exchanges (IDs 38, 63,54).

According to my understanding I should be able to do request symbols for more than one exchange by using a space delimited filter - "38 63 54" (see attached image).

When I do this, it only downloads the instruments for exchange id 38. If I use "63 54 38", it just downloads for exchange 63.

Is this expected behavior?

Let me know.

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DTN_Tim Walter
-DTN Guru-
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Posted: Oct 31, 2016 05:10 AM          Msg. 2 of 2
Good morning,

I tested this today and was able to see multiple markets without issue, but if you can email me your specific request I can verify what I am seeing here. What protocol are you using? What version of the software?



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